The Harsh Way Gilby Clarke Of Guns N’ Roses Realized He Got Fired

The Harsh Way Gilby Clarke  Of Guns N’ Roses Realized He Got Fired | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Gilby Clarke, the former guitarist of Guns N’ Roses, recently shared some interesting insights about his time with the iconic band. Despite the common belief that he was fired from Guns N’ Roses, Clarke revealed that he was never officially notified of his dismissal.

Gilby Clarke’s Experience with Guns N’ Roses

In a recent interview with Guitar World, Clarke disclosed, “I was never fired from Guns – my checks just stopped coming, and it was very odd.” This revelation sheds new light on the circumstances surrounding his departure from the band.

Clarke joined Guns N’ Roses in 1991 during a turbulent period after Izzy Stradlin had left. Despite the challenges, Clarke expressed his enjoyment of the experience, stating, “[T]he whole Guns machine surrounding them [was] crazy…They were respectful, and Slash…let me be me.” His camaraderie with the band members, particularly Slash, allowed him to put his own stamp on the songs. Reflecting on his time with the band, Clarke recalled Slash’s advice to play the songs in his unique style, which alleviated the pressure of filling Izzy’s shoes.

Reasons for Departure: Axl Rose’s Resistance to Clarke’s Songs

During Gilby Clarke’s time with Guns N’ Roses, he made valuable contributions to the band by writing songs. However, unfortunately, lead singer Axl Rose did not show interest in including these songs in the band’s repertoire. This hindered Clarke’s creative involvement and led him to embark on a solo endeavor. He released his solo album, titled “Pawnshop Guitars,” which featured collaborations with his former bandmates.


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Clarke recalled a significant moment when he received a message through Slash, stating, “Axl has changed gears. He doesn’t want you in the band anymore.” This sudden change in perspective caught Clarke off guard. However, just a week later, Slash assured him that everything was fine and that Axl had reconsidered. Despite this reassurance, Clarke’s last contact with Guns N’ Roses occurred when his paychecks unexpectedly ceased, indicating an unofficial departure from the band.

Involvement with Slash’s Snakepit

During the same period, Clarke also discussed his involvement with Slash’s side project called Slash’s Snakepit. Clarke drew parallels between his own situation and Slash’s experiences, stating, “Slash went through the same thing as me…if we’d just put a little bit of time into it,” suggesting that their combined songwriting abilities could have potentially resulted in the next Guns N’ Roses album. Clarke’s involvement with Slash’s Snakepit highlights his musical versatility and his willingness to explore different avenues of creativity.

Unique Perspective on Departure

Gilby Clarke’s firsthand account provides fans with a unique perspective on his relationship with Guns N’ Roses and sheds light on the circumstances surrounding his departure from the band. Despite no official firing, the sudden halt in payments indicated an end to his time with Guns N’ Roses. Reflecting on his contributions and experiences, Clarke’s story offers an intriguing glimpse into the inner workings of one of rock music’s most iconic bands, capturing the challenges and dynamics that shaped their journey.