Alex Van Halen Reveals Eddie’s Tragic Message

Alex Van Halen Reveals Eddie’s Tragic Message | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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It’s hard to imagine Van Halen without both the shredding guitar riffs and the pounding drums. But that’s the reality the band’s drummer, Alex Van Halen, faces. On his birthday, Alex reached out to fans in a bittersweet way, sharing a photo of himself with his late brother, Eddie.

The image speaks volumes. It’s a picture of Alex and Eddie, likely a few years before the latter’s death, with a simple caption, “#VanHalenForever”. But the true weight of the moment comes through the words scrawled across the photo, capturing the raw emotion of this loss: “Wish you were here”.

This simple phrase speaks volumes about the enduring bond between the Van Halen brothers, a bond that transcends music and fame; a poignant reminder of the creative force Eddie was, and the irreplaceable role he played in Alex’s life, both on and off the stage.


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Alex Van Halen Constantly Remembering And Missing Eddie

Alex has largely retreated from the spotlight since his brother Eddie’s passing in October 2020. However, he’s made a few touching exceptions on social media to mark significant occasions.

In January of this year, Alex paid tribute to Eddie on his birthday. Sharing another photo of the two together, he simply wrote, “We miss you”. This heartfelt message offered another glimpse into the deep bond they shared.

In 2021, on his own birthday, Alex marked the first one without his brother. Through the Van Halen News Desk, he shared a message that resonated with fans: “First birthday without you, Ed. The view from my drum set will never be the same. VH forever!”


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Eddie Van Halen’s Final Battle and Farewell

Eddie’s health struggles became known in 2019 when he was hospitalized after a five-year fight with throat cancer. Shortly after his death, his ex-wife Valerie Bertinelli revealed on Instagram that he had also been battling lung cancer.

Sadly, Eddie passed away on October 6, 2020, at the age of 65. He suffered a stroke at Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, California. Surrounded by loved ones, including his wife Janie, son Wolfgang (Van Halen’s bassist at the time), Valerie, and Alex, Eddie took his final breath.  The news was confirmed by his son on social media later that day.

Following his passing, fans gathered at his childhood landmarks in Pasadena to pay their respects and remember a true musical legend.

Alex Van Halen’s Upcoming Book, Brothers

Alex is gearing up for the release of his highly anticipated autobiography, simply titled Brothers.  Published by HarperCollins, the 384-page book is scheduled to hit shelves on October 22nd. Fans can expect the book to be available in hardcover for $32.00, along with audiobook and ebook formats.

While details surrounding the book have been closely guarded, the Van Halen News Desk offered a glimpse into the content with an official blurb from Alex himself in February.  In it, Alex reflects on the profound bond he shared with his brother:

“I was with him from day one. We shared the experience of coming to this country and figuring out how to fit in. We shared a record player, an 800-square-foot house, a mom and dad, and a work ethic. Later, we shared the back of a tour bus, alcoholism, the experience of becoming famous, of becoming fathers and uncles, and of spending more hours in the studio than I’ve spent doing anything else in this life. We shared a depth of understanding that most people can only hope to achieve in a lifetime.”