David Gilmour Sends Subtle Message For Roger Waters Through Music

David Gilmour Sends Subtle Message For Roger Waters Through Music | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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David Gilmour’s legions of fans are abuzz with speculation. His latest album, Luck And Strange, is set to drop on a particularly noteworthy date: September 6th, which also happens to be the birthday of his former Pink Floyd bandmate, Roger Waters.

This coincidence has ignited a firestorm of theories online, with fans dissecting the potential hidden message behind the release date.

On Reddit, fans are divided. Some interpret the timing as a subtle dig at Waters, a continuation of their well-documented creative differences. Others believe it’s a more amicable gesture, a birthday gift wrapped in Gilmour’s signature bluesy rock.

With very little information available, all eyes are on Luck And Strange to reveal its true meaning.


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Decoding David Gilmour’s Release Date

The upcoming release of Gilmour’s “Luck And Strange” has sparked discussion on Reddit, particularly surrounding its release date. One user speculated on a potential hidden message: “Whether the release date was done deliberately the bright side is we will get more Waters’ self immolations.”

However, another user offered a more practical explanation: “I’m sure he knows and is perhaps amused by it.” This viewpoint suggests the date might be a coincidence chosen by the record company, but Gilmour is likely aware of it and perhaps finds it humorous.

Finally, another user chimed in with a more lighthearted perspective: “Can’t wait, and a great birthday gift.”

Polly Returns as Gilmour’s Lyrical Muse

Gilmour’s upcoming album, Luck and Strange, marks another creative partnership with his wife, Polly Samson. This isn’t new territory for the couple – Samson has collaborated with the legendary guitarist on his solo projects for years. Married since 1994, they have three children together. Fans of Pink Floyd might recognize Samson’s contributions to the band’s later works, The Division Bell” and The Endless River, where she penned some of the lyrics. Her lyrical talents also shine on Gilmour’s previous solo albums, On an Island (2006) and Rattle That Lock (2015).

While some speculate that Gilmour’s renewed collaboration with Samson might hint at a more pointed message in Luck and Strange, particularly considering the release date’s coincidence with Roger Waters’ birthday, there’s no confirmation yet on the album’s overall tone.

A History Of Tension

Despite her successful collaboration with Gilmour, Samson’s involvement in Pink Floyd has a troubled past. Waters, in particular, has been vocal about his discomfort with her contributions. In a 2021 Rolling Stone interview, Samson revealed the sting of Waters’ initial reaction: “I don’t hide anymore,” she stated.

She recounted how Waters mocked Gilmour for seeking lyrical assistance from his wife. This negativity impacted Samson initially. She admitted, “It really kind of stung at the time. It shouldn’t have, but I didn’t know anything about these things at the time.” 

The sexist climate of the era further discouraged her. When she first wrote lyrics for The Division Bell, she opted to remain uncredited, citing the prevailing sexism as a reason for her reluctance.

The Feud Heated Up Once More Last Year

The tension between Polly and Roger reached a boiling point in February 2023. An interview with Waters sparked controversy as it appeared to disparage his bandmate’s artistic contributions to Pink Floyd. While Waters insisted his words were taken out of context, the damage was done.

On the day the interview surfaced, Polly took to Twitter, launching a scathing attack. She accused Waters of being antisemitic, a tax evader, and a Putin apologist who resorted to lip-syncing. David, in a show of solidarity, retweeted the message with the caption “Every word demonstrably true,” which quickly became a rallying cry for fans siding with Gilmour.

Waters, unsurprisingly, defended himself. He later made veiled comments towards Polly during a concert, suggesting David wouldn’t want to “wake up next to that.” This personal jab further escalated the already heated feud.