Robert Plant and David Gilmour Gives Support To Steve Marriott’s Children’s Battle Against AI

Robert Plant and David Gilmour Gives Support To Steve Marriott’s Children’s Battle Against AI | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Robert Plant with the Band of Joy - Robert Plant /YouTube

In a battle over artistic legacy, the children of legendary rock singer Steve Marriott are facing off against his estate. Marriott, frontman of bands like Small Faces and Humble Pie, passed away tragically in 1991. Now, his children are contesting the release of recordings featuring AI-generated versions of their father’s vocals.

Supporting the Marriott children are two music giants: Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin and David Gilmour of Pink Floyd. These rock icons have joined the fight against the AI recordings, which have been authorized by Steve Marriott’s third wife. 

However, the recordings themselves are reportedly unfinished, adding another layer of complexity to this unique legal battle.

Rock Legends Unite Against AI Recordings

The fight against AI recordings extends beyond Plant and Gilmour. Marriott’s former bandmates have also joined the cause. Kenney Jones (Small Faces) and Peter Frampton and Jerry Shirley (Humble Pie) have all signed the statement drafted by Marriott’s daughter Mollie and her siblings.

The statement isn’t just gaining traction within the Marriott family and his immediate musical circle. A who’s who of rock royalty has also lent their support.

Legendary musicians like Bryan Adams, Paul Weller, Gary Kemp, Glenn Hughes, and Paul Rodgers have all signed the document opposing the release of the AI-generated recordings.

“This Is Only For Money, Not Art Nor Appreciation”

Mollie Marriott spoke out against the planned release of the said solo album featuring her father’s AI-generated  vocals. In a statement to Variety, she revealed the Marriott family had no involvement with the estate due to the lack of a will.

“The Marriott Estate is due to release an AI solo album,” Mollie said. “Sadly, the surviving family…has nothing to do with the Estate.” She explained that control lies with Steve’s third wife, who was married to him for only two years before his passing.

Mollie, alongside her siblings and Steve’s former bandmates, are fiercely opposing the release. They believe the AI-generated vocals would be a “stain” on his legacy. “Someone known…with such a live and raw vocal,” Mollie stated, “it would absolutely break his heart.”

She argues that the project is purely financial and disrespects Steve’s artistic integrity. “This is only for money, not art nor appreciation,” Mollie reiterated.

A Fight for Artistic Legacy

Mollie recognizes this battle as more than just protecting her father’s legacy. She views it as a crucial fight for the future of artistic expression.

“It is the start of a campaign,” she declared, aiming to prevent similar situations where deceased artists have no control over their work. In her view, the use of AI in this way threatens the very essence of creativity and artistry.

Mollie’s concerns resonate with Robert Plant. “This is a far cry from what any of us dreamt of when we set off into this wonderful world of music. ” Plant lamented, reflecting on the initial dreams and aspirations that drew them to music. 

The prospect of AI-generated recordings replacing genuine artistic expression seems unacceptable to Plant, highlighting the broader implications of this fight. Both Plant and Mollie see the need to take action and prevent this technology from diminishing the value of authentic artistic creation.

Estate Denies Immediate AI Plans, Leaves Door Open

Chris France, managing director of Steve Marriott’s estate since 1997, responded to the controversy surrounding the AI recordings. While he denied any current plans to utilize Steve’s voice in such a way, his statement left room for future possibilities.

France acknowledged the “several suitors” who have expressed interest in an AI project, leaving the door open for potential deals. This contradicts the vehement opposition from Marriott’s family and raises concerns about the estate’s long-term plans.

Most concerning for Mollie Marriott and her siblings is the dismissive tone used by France. He essentially declared their opinions irrelevant, a stance that is likely to further inflame tensions and solidify their resolve to fight the AI recordings.