The Story Of The Creepy KISS Photo That Went Viral

The Story Of The Creepy KISS Photo That Went Viral | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Have you ever stumbled upon a photo that’s just a little…off? Like, it shouldn’t be scary, but it sends shivers down your spine anyway? That’s exactly what happened when a picture of KISS surfaced on Reddit.

The iconic rock band, known for their face paint and flamboyant costumes, was captured in a seemingly wholesome moment – posing with a group who looked suspiciously familiar. But something about the photo triggered a wave of unease, propelling it to viral status on Reddit.

This wasn’t your typical backstage family photo. The picture landed in a subreddit called r/oddlyterrifying, dedicated to obviously, the oddly terrifying, a place where the line between strange and unsettling blurs.

But, of course, it’s KISS. With their ‘demonic’ looking costumes and make-up, it’s not really a surprise. It really just unnerving to see the band with their full get-up side some smiling seniors.

It’s Actually A Wholesome Photo

The most amateur of internet sleuths can unravel the mystery of the photo since there’s no mystery at all. The posters of the images indicated that the people in the photo beside the KISS members were not part of some sacrificial ritual. Turns out it’s actually a wholesome image.

These were all the parents of the band members themselves, except for the ones beside Gene Simmons. While many initially assumed the older couple were The Demon’s parents, a closer look revealed they were Bill Aucoin’s.

Aucoin, the mustachioed man beside Peter Criss, was KISS’ manager at the time. The photo was taken backstage at Madison Square Garden in 1977. This timeframe coincides with a period of significant success for KISS, making the photo a fascinating glimpse into a pivotal moment in the band’s history.

Here’s another image in color, albeit a blurry one:

It Shouldn’t Be In The ‘Oddly Terrifying’ Subreddit

While the photo undeniably leans into the “oddly terrifying” with its juxtaposition of KISS’s demonic personas and the seemingly ordinary family, some Redditors found a heartwarming twist.

One user captured the essence perfectly, commenting that the photo reminded them of “Senior citizens and the demons that haunt them.” Another chimed in with a playful jab, saying, “Some nights we wrestle with our demons. Other nights we make them clean their rooms.”

However, not everyone agreed with the unsettling vibe. A different perspective emerged, with some arguing that the photo actually belonged in a more heartwarming category. One commenter simply stated, “idk why but this made me smile,” with another one echoing, “This is cute, what’s terrifying about it?”