Young Rockers Cover ‘Black Dog’ By Led Zeppelin

Young Rockers Cover  ‘Black Dog’ By Led Zeppelin | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Riley and Georgia Spowart perform Black Dog by Led Zeppelin – Mega Music /Facebook

Are you in for a rocking cover of “Black Dog” made true by young kids?

A clip from Mega Music on Facebook had sparked general interest for fans of Led Zeppelin when Riley and Georgia Spowart made a spot-on performance to the band’s classic rock song. Riley on guitar went full Jimmy Page to deliver some insane riffs that are totally flabbergasting to the entertainment of everyone. Georgia as well went on to exhibit her mastery of the drums, showing an absolutely cool style of handling the percussions coming from a young girl. This duo definitely caught the fire burning that was exuberantly present to this classic hard rock track.

Watch and be amazed by the young rockers’ talents here.