The Influence Of ‘Abbey Road’ On 1969’s Culture

The Influence Of ‘Abbey Road’ On 1969’s Culture | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Come Together - The Beatles / YouTube

Perhaps a good argument to start with a fellow Beatle fan is the idea that Abbey Road is considered the best album created by The Beatles. We may all have our own favorites, but this album became the epitome of the attributable ending that marked the 60’s cultural influence of the Fab Four. Reported as the last album to be recorded by the band, it was still released first before the well-known Let It Be finale album.

Abbey Road is the dot that labeled the end of The Beatles to function as a whole unit. And so the quest to do justice is at its peak, with the band’s pursuit of a quality album is at best. But why is it so highly influential?

For starters, the album drew enormous attention due to its widely popular and iconic album cover. The photo of the members walking across the Abbey Road portrayed so much observation to detail that it became the symbol for the “Paul is dead” rumors that gulped the entire late-60s notice. Of course, the rumors weren’t true since McCartney seems to be fine and alive as of this day. But the point of this fad generally pins down to how influential the group could get that they would frequently create a buzz. And until now, the busy street is often still visited by people who simply admire the group.

The greatness of the album does not merely rely on the photo artwork itself, but also on the songs that belonged to inside the record. The album had generated some of the finest songs ever in the music industry that is still relevant as of today’s expanding music taste. “Come Together”, “Here Comes” the Sun”, “Something” and many more are among the album’s gems, and overall, the greatest songs that derived from their musical genius and ability to experiment. The last two abovementioned tracks are from George Harrison’s, and they turned out to be his best work among others, no doubt.

The quintessential effect of Abbey Road cannot only be measured on the year that it was released. It proved to us that the Fab Four’s musicality is something that will never be forgotten in the era of pop culture. So long as there is a fan of the Beatles, they will forever become the iconic band that they have always been; yesterday, today, and forevermore.