Watch Steve Miller’s Band Phenomenal Performance Of “The Gangster is Back”

Watch Steve Miller’s Band Phenomenal Performance Of  “The Gangster is Back” | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Watch this rare vintage video of The Steve Miller Band performing their take on “The Gangster is Back.” Check out their amazing performance below.

“Gangster of Love” was originally written and sung by Johnny “Guitar” Watson in 1957 which flopped. However, the 2nd time around in 1963, he re-recorded with Johnny Otis producing, but still didn’t achieve the amount of fame it deserved. But, 3rd time’s the charm, and it did garner a spot on the charts, placing at no. 32, and establishing its fame to a greater audience.

However, on the second strike of lighting was when Steve Miller and his bandmates agreed to record their version of it. Decided to include the song in their sophomore album Sailor (1968) and added their whole twisted style to it, the song automatically spoke to many, especially on the band’s fans; cementing the song as one of Steven Miller Band’s highlights in their career. Even their seminal track “Joker” included the line “some call me the gangster of love,” which is a reference to the band’s take of Watson’s hit.

Sing-along to the lyrics below.

[Verse 1]
There’s Frank James and Jesse James
Billy Kid and all the rest
Supposed to be some bad cats
Way out in the West

If those cats could have dug me
And my gangster ways
They would have hung up their guns
And dug into their graves

‘Cause I’m a gangster
A gangster of love
I’m a gangster
A gangster of love
Now look here
When I go into a bar
Girls from near and far
Say I’m a gangster
A gangster of love

[Verse 2]
I jumped in my white horse Cadillac
I rode across the border line
I roped 55 girls
I kissed them all at the same time
Took 25 or 30, put ’em all on a freight
There was a million-dollar reward for me in each and every state

Sheriff says, “Is your name Stevie “Guitar” Miller?” in a very deep voice
And I said, “Yes sir, brother sheriff, and that’s your wife on the back of my horse”

I can’t help it
I’m a gangster
I can’t help it
You know, I’m a gangster
I’m a gangster