Let Don Felder Teach You How To Play “Hotel California”

Let Don Felder Teach You How To Play “Hotel California” | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Eddie steady 19 / Youtube

Every guitar enthusiast has at least desired how to play the Eagles’ hit “Hotel California.” While we have Joe Walsh to thank for that intricate guitar work, Don Felder, who wrote the song with Glenn Frey and Don Henley, is actually the one responsible for its harmonies and guitar arrangement when he created the demo tape.

So, here’s Felder, teaching us how to play the iconic song on guitar. Check the video below.

Felder began to talk about how the song came about while the band was rehearsing. Henley sang the song in d minor, thus prompting Felder to find another good chord to match the desired tune of the song. They settled in with B-minor on the 7th fret.

In the discussion, Felder felt more comfortable teaching the steps on an A-minor because that’s where he’s comfortable. Teaching point-by-point, Felder went on discussing the progression, chord changes of the song, as well as any other anecdotes to share. If there’s one person who’s better at teaching us this classic Eagles gem, we might as well call the person who wrote it for us.

Check it out here.