Stevie Nicks Makes All-Star Line Up For “Gold Dust Woman” 1981 Peformance

Stevie Nicks Makes All-Star Line Up For “Gold Dust Woman” 1981 Peformance | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via LaVidaLocaHomie / Youtube

Let’s take a dive at this rare and iconic video of Stevie Nicks performing “Gold Dust Woman” with Bob Welch, Mick Fleetwood, and Christie McVie. Check out the more defined version of the video below.

When Bob Welch needed guests to perform at the Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles back in 1981, he knew he had to pull some strings from his old group, Fleetwood Mac. With that, McVie and Fleetwood agreed to join their friend, and even new member Stevie Nicks, whom Welch never had a chance to get to know inside the band since the singer left before Nicks came into the scene. But the pair eventually bonded and became friends soon after. Ann Wilson of Heart was also present at the event.

The guests had time to perform several of Welch’s songs such as “Precious Love,” “Hot Love, Cold World,” “Outskirts” and many more. The event couldn’t be completed without singing any Fleetwood Mac Classics, so they did those too and include songs such as “Hypnotized,” “Sentimental Lady,” “Remember Me,” and the highlight of them all, “Gold Dust Woman.”

Nicks wrote “Gold Dust Woman” during a turmoil in her life— fueled with her crumbling relationship with Lindsey Buckingham and doing drugs every day; she was barely living her life. It was included in Fleetwood Mac’s seminal album Rumours and became one of Nicks’ well-known hits.

It’s safe to say that there are hardly any live performances greater than this amazing video featured below. Nicks’ voice is ethereal, and her beauty shines among the lights. Watch and be blown away with the quartet’s chemistry onstage, something that Fleetwood Mac has always been great for.