A Good Samaritan Made A Better Edit Of David Bowie’s 1972 ‘Starman’

A Good Samaritan Made A Better Edit Of David Bowie’s 1972 ‘Starman’ | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Mister Sussex / Youtube

David Bowie earned his spotlight when he introduced to the world the alter-persona named Ziggy Stardust. Although he had his first big hit 3 years earlier, his name and impact lasted long when he became the androgynous rock star who was sent to Earth and become its savior. “Starman” is the song that details the story of the upcoming Starman, who’s about to shine throughout the whole chaos.

A lot of “Starman” performances of Bowie were naturally great, but nothing could compare to 1972 performance in BBC’s Top of the Pops, the one that catapulted this legendary singer to even greater heights of fame.

A good Samaritan with a YouTube channel named Mister Sussex took the footage of Bowie’s performance and made it more defined in both the audio and video. With that privilege, we can finally admire Bowie the way he deserves to be seen in this seminal gig that turned the tables for his career. Along with “Starman” blowing up on the charts, its album, The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars also received favorable success, establishing Bowie as one of rock’s greatest titans.

The video below shows the singer, armed with an acoustic guitar, with a few of his bandmates performing alongside him. It’s easy to admit that Bowie’s voice here was exceptional, perhaps even greater in comparison to the studio version. Apart from that, he’s also fully committed to dressing up in his Ziggy Stardust alter-ego, one of the many things that we admire from this legend.

You can watch the video below.