Steven Tyler Wishes To Work With Only 3 Musicians Other That His Bandmates

Steven Tyler Wishes To Work With Only 3 Musicians Other That His Bandmates | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Steven Tyler live in 2014 - Recovery Unplugged / Youtube

Like many rock fans, rock celebrities also have their dream team of musicians. After all, rock is full of heroes, from legendary guitarists to iconic frontmen who face thousands of crowds throughout their entire careers.

Steven Tyler, the lead singer of Aerosmith, is another music legend who was prepared with a list of potential future collaborators in the rock industry (apart from his bandmates in Aerosmith). So, in 1993, while talking to High Times about everything, the conversation eventually turned to the artists the vocalist would most like to collaborate with.

Each of Tyler’s choices is an industry legend or legend-to-be; yet, when naming his favorite rockers, the Aerosmith star also got a little frustrated as he confessed why he felt none of these rockers would ever work with him.

Tyler said in the interview: “It’s always been one of my wishes, even when I was using, to write a song with Keith Richards. Or to write a song with Little Richard. Or Paul McCartney, for that matter. But these people didn’t think I was cool enough. I’ll never meet them. I mean, what does it take? It can all be done in a f***ing afternoon in four hours.”

But, in the most fortunate of events, Tyler did perform with one of his idols, Paul McCartney. At the 2010 Kennedy Center Honors tribute to the Beatles, Aerosmith’s lead vocalist sang a four-song duet with Macca on the band’s Abbey Road album. Tyler admitted to having tears in his eyes as he lived in the moment with one of his heroes!