How Micky Dolenz Changed Jimi Hendrix’s Life

How Micky Dolenz Changed Jimi Hendrix’s Life | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Chief Scheider / Youtube

It might seem unrealistic at first, but The Monkees and Jimi Hendrix once crossed paths together. Monkees member Micky Dolenz reflected on the unlikely match and his involvement in bringing Hendrix along on the tour in a recent interview with OnMilwaukee.

Around this time, The Monkees were in the peak of their fame, while Hendrix was back then in New York City performing as Jimmy James and the Blue Flames. Dolenz caught one of the band’s shows, and he was instantly mesmerized by Hendrix’s stage presence. Moreover, when he played at the Monterey Pop Festival (this time, as the Jimi Hendrix Experience),  he likened the “theatrical performance” to that of the Who and Alice Cooper. And so, Dolenz proposed having Hendrix to be the tour’s opening act while the promoters were looking for a suitable opener, as he was impressed by the young musician’s skill, panache, and presence onstage.

“Believe it or not, that was my idea,” Dolenz said, laughing. “I saw him in New York City when he was Jimmy James and the Blue Flames. When he played at the Monterrey Pop Festival, the whole band was very theatrical, like the Who or Alice Cooper. The music was great, their clothes were great. When we were looking for a warm-up band, I suggested Hendrix to the tour producers.”

That Jimi Hendrix – The Monkees partnership ended up being a turning point in Hendrix’s career.

“Jimi cut his first record while he was on the road with us, and pretty soon, he was headlining his own shows,” Dolenz continued.

The rest then, was history.