The Story Of Stevie Ray Vaughan’s Dream About Jimi Hendrix

The Story Of Stevie Ray Vaughan’s Dream About Jimi Hendrix | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Stevie Ray Vaughan at the Lone Star Cafe, 1985 - SRV on MV / Youtube

Even legendary guitarists bow down in awe to the one and only Jimi Hendrix. Musicians of all ages continue to pay tribute to Hendrix, attesting to the musician’s lasting influence despite his brief time in the spotlight.

Among the many fans of Hendrix in the music industry was fellow guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan, who was often credited with the revival of the declining blues-rock in the 80s. Vaughan felt a moment firsthand when his awe for Jimi Hendrix caused his adoration for the musician to go beyond the bounds of reality and into a fantastic dream. Stevie Ray, like any loyal fan, was awed by the originality of his hero’s music and performance and shared that he once had a vivid dream about him, in a 1984 interview with MTV.

“There was one where we waited up; for the whole dream, we sat this far apart [a small distance],” Vaughan explained. “I showed him anything I wanted to show him. He showed me anything he wanted to show me, and we tried to play one time.”

He continued: “Right as soon as I woke up, I ran to get one of my guitars, but it didn’t work nothing. I finally figured out a few months later that if it had been that easy, I wouldn’t learn anything. ( ”

The two never officially meet; Hendrix became prominent in the 60s, while Vaughan became iconic later in the 80s. However, they are also comparable in that they both died at the beginning of the following decade (Hendrix in the 1970s and Vaughan in the 1990s) and the two were also widely considered to be among the best guitarists of all time.