Slash and Myles Kennedy Shifts Style On New Song Release

Slash and Myles Kennedy Shifts Style On New Song Release | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Slash / Youtube

Slash and Miles Kennedy and the Conspirators have come back for an invigorating song called “Fill My World,” a track we can all look forward to from their album 4.

4 shows the fourth consecutive collaborative album between Slash and Kennedy and Conspirators, and the group’s latest since 2018 Living the Dream. The album will hit the stores next year, on February 11.

The mid-tempo ballad calls for Slash’s tender riffs and Kennedy’s aching vocals that are blended perfectly to create a one, charming song. It’s a leap of style in comparison to the group’s first single, “The River is Rising,” which has an upbeat rhythm. Listen to the audio below.

Inside the 4 teaser video, Slash mentioned the technique that they used during the recording sessions. “This was the first time that we actually did all the guitars, bass and drums live at the same time and kept all those tracks, and we also did the vocals live as well. So, the record just sounds like the band playing the songs that we came in with, but it’s us playing in the moment, and that’s what we were going for.”

The upcoming album will be released via Gibson Records and will mark as the first album to come out for the Gibson guitar company’s new label. You can check out Slash’s website for preorders on the different album formats.