Watch BB King And Billy Gibbons Melt Faces In Guitar Performance

Watch BB King And Billy Gibbons Melt Faces In Guitar Performance | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via HECTOR SOLIS / Youtube

“It’s difficult to fathom a world without B.B. King,” Billy Gibbons said in an interview with Rolling Stone. While many could attest to B.B. King’s greatness in the world of music, only a few could relate with Gibbons, who’s been an avid follower of the star since the dawn of his musical consciousness started.

The two crossed paths more often than they can remember. Back when Gibbons was still a child, his father brought him to a B.B. King recording session. Such a lucky encounter with one of the biggest performers of the 50s has ingrained into Billy’s head, who then decided to focus his energy on the blues.

King, who’s well-aware of Gibbons’ fanatic views to him, had also shared some wisdom that even to this day, the blues guitarist still applies. “Firstly, you should learn to play what you want to hear. Not what someone is trying to teach you. Follow what’s in your head,” Gibbons recalls via Music Radar. The pieces of advice that the King of blues had given to Gibbons is a mere testament to how faithful Gibbons is on playing the blues and dedicating his life to it.

The two remained friends and Gibbons’ admiration for the legend still lingers upon King’s death in 2014. Great moments account for great memories, and in this video presented below, The two tastefully played their parts extremely well. Although each of them has its own strengths, somehow, with them performing together, everything clicks. It’s a testament to the respect that both have given to each other: Gibbons to his hero, and King to his follower.

You can watch the video below.