Megadeth Fans Took Their April Fool’s Joke Seriously

Megadeth Fans Took Their April Fool’s Joke Seriously | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Thrash metal icons Megadeth recently pulled a cheeky prank on their fans, suggesting that they were going to start selling wigs inspired by the wild hairstyles of band members. However, the jest took an unexpected turn when fans expressed a genuine desire to purchase these wigs.

It all started as an innocent April Fools’ Day joke on Instagram.

Megadeth teased their followers by announcing a unique range of “Megadeth Wigs,” featuring the distinct hairdos of Dave Mustaine, James LoMenzo, Dirk Verbeuren, and newcomer Teemu Mäntysaari. The band’s playful post read:

“We are now selling ‘Megadeth Wigs!’ Grab yours today and get ready to thrash with us on tour! Just kidding…but would you actually buy one…?”

Contrary to the band’s expectations, the jest triggered an outpouring of enthusiasm from their supporters, many of whom were eager to rock out sporting their favorite Megadeth member’s hairstyle.

One excited fan didn’t hold back, stating:

“I would instantly buy one.”

This sentiment was echoed by several others, with one fan declaring:

“I need the Dave one so bad.”

The eagerness for the fictional wigs didn’t stop there. Another fan suggested turning the joke into reality:

“You should sell it. People will actually buy it.”

Even someone lamenting the lack of options online chimed in:

“I would definitely buy one; I can’t find no one on the internet that makes them.”


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Clearly, what began as a tongue-in-cheek nod to April Fools’ Day by Megadeth blossomed into a surprising discovery of their fans’ willingness to engage in band-themed merchandise, despite it being entirely fictional.

April Fools’ Day seems to be a cherished tradition among rock and metal bands, with many using the occasion to entertain fans with fanciful falsehoods. For instance, Stryper’s lead man, Michael Sweet, took to Instagram with his own jest, sharing a throwback photo of the band during their youth and joking:

“After years of having to live with these unexplainable photos (only to be haunted by the realization that they will never go away) we have decided to shave our heads, move to Tibet and go into hiding as monks for the rest of our days here on earth. True metal bands who sing about satan, leather, studs, spikes, hell, dragons, vampires, Harley’s, mid-evil times, blood, sweat and demonic rituals will be very happy to hear this news.”

This playful mockery highlights the band’s embrace of humor alongside their usual themes of faith and positivity in their music.

Another renowned musician, King Crimson’s Robert Fripp, also joined in the April Fools’ festivities. He teased his fans with a claim that he had joined the ranks of OnlyFans content creators. To add to the jest, Fripp posted a video hinting at his nakedness, with only a guitar for modesty—although any curious clickers were only met with an error page.

While no Megadeth wigs have made it to actual sale, the reaction of their fans speaks to the fun and loyalty within the community. For a day known for its tricks and hoaxes, it’s clear that the spirit of April Fools’ Day is embraced with gusto in the rock and metal scene.

It’s unclear whether the band will take their fans’ excitement into consideration and spawn a line of real “Megadeth Wigs.” But for now, the fantasy of thrashing around with Dave Mustaine’s iconic locks remains just that—a fantasy spurred by a well-intended jest. Whether or not you were one of the fans clicking with hope, Megadeth certainly pulled the strings of engagement with their merry prank.