Dave Evans Reveals That Bon Scott Was Depressed In His Career

Dave Evans Reveals That Bon Scott Was Depressed In His Career | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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During a recent discussion on the Guarda Volume podcast in Brazil, Dave Evans, the original vocalist of AC/DC, talked about his experiences within the band and shed light on the personal challenges confronted by his replacement Bon Scott throughout his life.

Evans contributed his vocals to two singles with AC/DC prior to the band’s pivotal moment in 1974 when Scott assumed the role that Evans had previously held.

Reflecting on Scott’s demeanor, Evans remarked on the apparent paradox of his emotions, remembering that despite his fellow singer’s outward appearance of happiness, he was grappling with a profound sense of depression and sadness.

“He was depressed, sad. He looked happy ’cause he was drunk all the time,” the singer recalled.

“He looked happy ’cause he was drunk all the time”

Evans, along with drummer Colin Burgess and bassist Larry Van Kriedt, was part of the early lineup of AC/DC before the band evolved to exclusively perform original music. He joined the group when it was formed in November 1973 and remained a member until September 1974, at which point he was officially succeeded by Scott in October 1974.

Evans attributes his departure to jealousy and a physical altercation with the manager during an intense national tour. Additionally, he has expressed in interviews that the early phase of AC/DC’s history is often overlooked and deserves greater recognition.

In the Guarda Volume interview, Evans shared how he felt sorry for Scott. He saw how the tragic frontman faced significant hardships during his time with the band, working tirelessly but unfortunately met a tragic end.

“He was working, working, working, working, working, working. And he was depressed, sad. He looked happy ’cause he was drunk all the time. Bon Scott drank all the time. Alcoholic. You see photographs of Bon Scott; he’s always got a bottle or a drink all the time. Sad. Sad. But it killed him in the end. But he was going through a lot of hell, too, with the band,” Evans recounted.

Evans was not surprised that Bon Scott died

Reports indicated that Bon Scott passed away following a night of excessive drinking, with ‘acute alcohol poisoning’ cited as the official cause of death. In response to the vocalist’s untimely demise, Dave Evans shared his reflections, stating:

“I spoke to Bon Scott after he joined [AC/DC]. We had a private conversation about things which will remain private. And so when I found out what happened to Bon Scott, when I read about it, and I spoke to his wife about it too — I saw his wife who told me what happened and stuff — I wasn’t surprised. I was not surprised.”

Scott’s struggles with alcohol and drug abuse had been a subject of contention throughout his career, reaching a critical point when he was hospitalized in 1975 due to a drug overdose. 

The singer’s battle with substance abuse added a layer of complexity to his life, ultimately contributing to a tragic end that those close to him, like Evans, saw coming.

Evans’ comments on Bon Scott’s lifestyle

Discussing the lifestyle of the late singer in relation to his departure from AC/DC during an interview with New Zealand’s Galaxy 107 FM, Evans pointed out that Bon Scott seemed to emulate him during their time in the band together. Evans clarified:

“I know that he was under instructions to do this, so I don’t really hold it against Bon Scott for that because when he joined the band, he was washed up at the time, and he got a great chance to do something, and he did too. He did a great job, but his lifestyle just let him down.”

Following Scott’s tragic passing, AC/DC faced the possibility of disbanding, but they ultimately decided to continue with Brian Johnson as their new vocalist. With mourning as a theme, the band powered on and recorded the album that would become the best of their career, Back In Black.

Currently, there are rumors circulating about a potential tour in 2024, with a confirmed show scheduled at Munich’s Olympic Stadium in June.

Evans continued rocking on after AC/DC

Following his time with AC/DC, Evans became the lead vocalist for the Newcastle band Rabbit, taking over from the original singer Greg Douglas. Rabbit achieved notable success, releasing six singles and two albums between 1975 and 1977, with their second album, Too Much Rock N Roll, gaining international recognition in Europe and Japan.

Evans went on to be involved in other musical projects, including the bands “Dave Evans & Hot Cockerel” and “Dave Evans Thunder Down Under”, which produced a self-titled album released through Reaction Records.

In addition to his band endeavors, Evans recorded a live performance titled A Hell of a Night, dedicated to the memory of Bon Scott.

This recording, captured on the 20th anniversary of Scott’s passing, featured a collaboration with the Melbourne AC/DC tribute band Thunderstruck. Subsequently, Evans has embarked on a solo career, unveiling six solo CDs since that time.