5 Underrated Vocal Work From The Eagles

5 Underrated Vocal Work From The Eagles | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Eagles - Giovanni Campidoglio Fotografo /YouTube

Ever since the release of their debut album back in 1972, the Eagles were among the few exceptional bands that you would expect its songs to succeed from time to time. So it’s a surprise that they still have several tracks that were left buried underneath the depths of their ever-popular tracks. For this matter, we look back at some of the most underrated vocal works from this group.

“Wasted Time” – Hotel California (1976)

Hotel California spurred some of the iconic songs from the Eagles, so this underrated classic oftentimes got forgotten. The song shows a more tenacious voice of Don Henley.

“One of These Nights” One of These Nights (1975)

With this track, the group took a different turn to show a more funky fun side of the group. “One of These Nights” features Don Henley, right at his most soulful voice inside the album.

“The Last Resort”Hotel California (1976)

The closing remark for their most popular album, and a power ballad of Henley that completed the ensemble. The song has no further complexity of the backing instruments. Instead, Henley marvelously delivered his vocals, holding the song’s structure itself.

“Ol’ 55’” – On the Border (1974)

Tom Waits originally sung the first version, but Eagles’ version surpassed this as well. Back-up with their synchronized harmonies, as well as Glenn Frey and Don Henley’s exchanging lead voices, it is wonderfully perfect for a cover version indeed, and an underrated one.

“Most of Us Are Sad” Eagles (1972)

Back in their earlier days, it was a country-rock that mostly dominated the group’s style. Among the great examples would be this one: Randy Meisner sang this track, which is rare. Nevertheless, the song also contained the trademark harmonies from the group, along with the track’s solid orchestration.