Why Alec Baldwin Yelled Agressively At Paul McCartney

Why Alec Baldwin Yelled Agressively At Paul McCartney | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Have you ever been completely outdone by a friend? Actor Alec Baldwin can certainly relate. Believe it or not, the famously sharp-tongued Baldwin found himself resorting to an outburst directed at none other than music legend Paul McCartney. It turns out, even the stars struggle with a little friendly competition, especially when it comes to mastering the art of yoga.

This surprising anecdote takes us back to the early 2000s, when both Baldwin and McCartney were apparently quite the yogis. It seems their sessions weren’t all about inner peace, however. 

In fact, one particular pose proved to be Baldwin’s undoing, leading him to unleash a rather undignified insult towards his fellow downward-facing dog enthusiast.

Alec Baldwin and the Yoga Boys

Baldwin dished on his surprising past as a yoga enthusiast during an interview on the Our Way with Paul Anka and Skip Bronson podcast. He revealed that he used to take yoga classes with a rather interesting group.

The class included Lorne Michaels, the famous creator and producer of Saturday Night Live, John Eastman (Paul McCartney’s brother-in-law), and John Alexander, a painter. Baldwin humorously referred to their group as the “Yoga Boys”.

However, it seems not all members of the Yoga Boys were created equal. According to Baldwin, there was one clear standout when it came to yoga prowess, and it was McCartney himself.

Calling a Beatle an “A**hole”

The camaraderie amongst the Yoga Boys wasn’t always peaceful. Baldwin admitted that Paul McCartney’s natural talent for yoga eventually became a source of playful tension. While everyone else struggled, McCartney effortlessly mastered poses, even at his late 60s.

One particular incident stands out in Baldwin’s memory. As Baldwin described, McCartney casually performed a headstand before leaving class.

After whispering to Baldwin about going to lunch with his daughter, McCartney left Baldwin hanging upside down (figuratively). The frustration boiled over, and Baldwin couldn’t help but blurt out a playful insult, telling the Beatle, “You’re an asshole.”

Baldwin and McCartney’s Current Paths

While Baldwin reminisced about his yoga days with McCartney, their current realities are quite different. McCartney recently announced the release of a long-awaited live recording from his band Wings, One Hand Clapping.

Meanwhile, Baldwin faces a more serious situation. He remains entangled in a legal case surrounding the tragic on-set shooting that occurred in 2021. This somber reality stands in stark contrast to the lighthearted camaraderie of the Yoga Boys.

Looking back, Baldwin acknowledges the humor in his outburst. “I never thought I’d call one of the Beatles an asshole,” he admits, “but he was just always showing us up with his physical skills! He was a very fit guy.”

Listen to the podcast episode below.