Vince Neil’s Fall Face First In Recent Show

Vince Neil’s Fall Face First In Recent Show | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Philip Cappuccio / Youtube

Kickstarting their reunion tour in Atlantic City, Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil provided a moment of unexpected drama. Just a few songs into the set, Neil was moving with the energy of their classic hit “Wild Side” when things took a turn.

A misstep sent him sprawling face-first on the stage, leaving fans momentarily stunned.  However, Neil is a rock icon for a reason. He bounced back like a champ, ready to deliver the vocals without missing a beat.

This wasn’t Neil’s first onstage tumble, but his quick recovery and unwavering commitment to the show solidified his rock n’ roll spirit. Watch fan-shot videos of the frontman being taken down by the “Wild Side” below.


Not the First Tumble (And Not The Only Tumble This Week)

This isn’t the first time Vince has had a rough go on stage. Back in 2021, while performing with his solo band, he took a tumble off the front of the stage. The concert was cut short, and Neil reportedly ended up in the hospital with broken ribs.

Adding to the weekend’s rock and roll mishaps, Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready also took a spill during their tour opener in Vancouver. The fall occurred on Saturday night (May 4th) as the band rocked out to “Porch”.

Thankfully, despite the impact looking scary, McCready seemed to recover quickly and did not even miss a single note on his solo. He climbed back onstage and finished the show like a true rock veteran.


Motley Crue Launches Tour with New Song and Classic Deep Cut

Motley Crue kicked off their 2024 North American tour on a high note at Hard Rock Live in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The band treated fans to a mix of new and old, debuting their new song “Dogs of War” live for the first time.

They also dug deep into their debut album, Too Fast for Love, by dusting off the track “On With the Show”. This marked the first time they played the song live since 2015, although Vince Neil jokingly claimed they hadn’t played it since the early 80s.

The setlist itself remained largely unchanged from their 2022 Stadium Tour. The biggest difference was swapping “The Dirt (Est. 1981)” for “Dogs of War” and dropping “Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)” from the Dr. Feelgood era.

The Crue’s Tour Dates, New Music, and a Secret Show

Motley Crue isn’t slowing down in 2024. Their North American tour stretches through October, hitting stadiums, arenas, and festivals. Fans in New York City can also catch a special treat – a secret club show under the name “1981” at the Bowery Ballroom on Monday.

New music is also on the horizon. Last April, the band revealed they’re working with their Dr. Feelgood producer, Bob Rock. Bassist Nikki Sixx reported the sessions are productive, with Rock pushing the band and everyone hitting their stride.

While specific details remain under wraps, it sounds like fans can expect a powerful new album with Tommy Lee’s thunderous drumming, John 5’s blazing guitar work, and of course, Nikki Sixx’s signature basslines.