Daryl Hall Officially Confirms New Album “D” and Split With John Oates

Daryl Hall Officially Confirms New Album “D” and Split With John Oates | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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In a revelation that shakes the foundation of one of music’s most enduring partnerships, Daryl Hall has officially announced a split with his longtime musical cohort, John Oates. The news emerged in the midst of a legal dispute between the two, casting a shadow over their decades-long journey together. On Friday, May 3, the same day he unveiled plans for his solo album titled ‘D’, Hall shared the startling details in an exclusive interview with Variety.

The End of an Era

Hall’s confirmation came with a simple yet final statement to Variety on their professional relationship: “That is correct.”

The rift that led to their separation began to unfold in 2023, rooted in a contentious issue surrounding Whole Oats Enterprises, the jointly owned company that holds the duo’s trademark, music royalties, rights to their likenesses, among other elements of their joint musical career. Oates attempted to sell his share of the company without Hall’s consent — a move that, according to Hall, he had no right to make.

Expressing his dismay, Hall recounted to Variety, “It hit me by surprise. All I can say is people change and sometimes you don’t really know someone like you thought you did. Difficulties can be made from things that aren’t difficult, and then it goes to a place where it can never come back from.” His words painted a portrait of a partnership marred by unforeseen animosities and the rewriting of shared histories, leading to an irreversible estrangement.

Hall’s Solo Venture and New Partnership

Further shedding light on their partnership’s dynamics, the 77-year-old Hall revealed the creative distance that had grown between them, stating, “We haven’t had a creative relationship… for at least 25 years.” He elaborated on the nature of their collaboration in recent years, which had been limited to performing live shows, with a noespecific arrangement barring Hall from performing his solo work during Hall & Oates concerts. Now freed from that restriction, Hall expressed a sense of liberation, “And now I get to.”

Amid the backdrop of this personal and professional upheaval, Hall announced his forthcoming solo album, ‘D’, a nine-track collection set to release on June 21. The album marks Hall’s sixth solo endeavor and represents an exciting collaboration with Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics, who co-wrote seven of the tracks and co-produced the album. “Can’t Say No to You,” one of the songs emerging from this partnership, was released as an advance digital single on May 3, accompanied by a music video featuring Hall and Stewart.

Hall spoke highly of Stewart, noting their longstanding friendship and effective partnership. “Dave has been my shadow partner since 1984,” he shared with Variety. Hall highlighted the genuine collaborative spirit of their work on ‘D’, stating, “This was a real duo album, two people coming together, understanding one another and writing songs—most of them were written on the spot. Dave and I have a real partnership and have had for a long time.”



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Launching New Album ‘D’

The announcement of ‘D’ not only signifies a new chapter in Hall’s career but also introduces fans to a diverse collection of tracks. The album is available for preorder and will come in multiple formats, including colored vinyl variants available at independent record stores, Barnes & Noble, and other outlets. Hall is also scheduled to appear on Talk Shop Live, selling autographed copies of ‘D’.

Adding to the excitement of his solo project, Hall has outlined plans for a co-headlining tour with Elvis Costello & the Imposters, commencing on June 2 in Troutdale, Oregon, and concluding on July 25 in Vienna, Virginia. Additionally, a solo concert is on the books for August 23 in Boise, Idaho, offering fans multiple opportunities to catch Hall live.

The tracklist for ‘D’ spans a range of emotions and styles, promising an engaging listening experience. From “The Whole World’s Better” to “Break It Down to the Real Thing,” Hall’s craftsmanship and innovative spirit shine through. This blend of sounds comes at a pivotal moment, symbolizing not only the culmination of Hall’s vast experience but also his resilience and adaptability in the face of change.