15 Greatest Rock n’ Roll Songs Of 2021 So Far

15 Greatest Rock n’ Roll Songs Of 2021 So Far | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Tom Petty's last performance, 2017 - Skip Coomber / Youtube

It seems like Rock N’ Roll isn’t dead after all with these 15 greatest rock songs released of this year. COVID-19 might’ve ruined the daily routine of people by refusing us to go out to any big social gatherings. But, fortunately for us, musicians who are in lockdown have tried their best to deliver their impact and give us joy amidst the problems. So, sit back, relax, and take heed of these gems worth listening to!


“The Writing on the Wall” – Iron Maiden

Returning from their 6-year hiatus on making albums, “The Writing on the Wall” is their comeback song larger-than-life itself. It features Bruce Dickinson’s immense vocals to perfectly deliver the song’s heroic chorus.

“Social Debris” – Alice Cooper

The new Alice Cooper song released back in February features the original line-up of the band. “Social Debris” sounds just like from when Alice had first started in the 70s.

“Don’t Back Down” – Mammoth WVH

We got to give credit to Wolfgang Van Halen’s talents in music, especially how he creatively managed his one-man band for his song “Don’t Back Down,” which, by the way, has a split-second reference to Van Halen’s “So This Is Love?” single. Furthermore, the MV? Extremely hilarious.

“105 Degrees” – Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers

Following the success of Wildflowers & All the Rest release last year, Tom Petty’s estate dove once more from the treasures of the band’s 90s sessions. “105 Degrees” came from their She’s The One soundtrack, which is previously unheard of by many.

“Heat Above” – Greta Van Fleet

Most of the time, Greta Van Fleet put up with so much hatred for sounding and imitating the classic rock titans of our industry. But even though you don’t like them, there’s a reason why they’re still here to stay: their new song, “Heat Above,” is the perfect blaze you need for an elated, fun track.

“100,000 People” – Kings of Leon

One of the Kings of Leon’s most emotional songs from their career, Caleb Followill became inspired by his father-in-law who is suffering from dementia. In his interview with Apple Music, he explained: “I felt like I could write a love story about it, this man who is still in love with this woman. And maybe she’s gone, maybe she isn’t. Maybe he’s gone, maybe he isn’t.”

“Our House” – Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Déjà Vu’s 50th anniversary shows the outtakes and alternate versions of the group’s songs. For the classic “Our House,” Joni Mitchell and Graham Nash were the performers, and this intimate track shows the love they shared for one another.

“Welcome 2 America” – Prince

Prince’s impact is still as huge as ever, with “Welcome 2 America” solid proof of that. Recorded more than a decade ago and released this year, Prince took the time to express the things that are wrong in this country, inequality, broken educational system, etc.

“My Lucky Card” – Billy Gibbons

The pure bluesy tone for this Billy Gibbons’ track is noticeable. As for the guitar riffs, it’s the best.

“Birds” – Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

It seems like the 50th-anniversary box of CSNY’s Déjà Vu displays many hidden gems that are now open for anyone to hear. Among those are this “Birds” outtake from Neil Young and Graham Nash.

“Boys and Girls and Rock N Roll” – Cheap Trick

No one could compete with Cheap Trick’s snarling single for their new album In Another World. Giving the right beefy touch to the song, they proved to everyone that they’re far from giving up the best power-pop singers’ title.

“River Rise” – David Crosby

Crosby went inspirational for his new song “River Rise,” co-written by his son James Raymond and with Michael McDonald as well. The vocal harmonies for this one are quite stunning.

“California Dreamin’” – Dirt Honey

These Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith- influenced rock bands might boost your confidence to critique, but it’s best to let it all slide first and listen to “California Dreamin’.” The raspy vocals and awesome riffs are truly remarkable.

“Making A Fire” – Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters went groovy and delivered “Making A Fire,” assembling funky riffs that will make you want to dance. It’s produced by Mark Ronson.

“Cosmic Empire” – George Harrison

George Harrison’s 50th-anniversary box set of his iconic All Things Must Pass album shows the previously unreleased tracks and outtakes from the singer. For “Cosmic Empire,” Harrison went mild and acoustic with his voice better than ever.