Zakk Wylde Will Recreate Black Sabbath Debut Album As Tribute

Zakk Wylde Will Recreate Black Sabbath Debut Album As Tribute | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Vertigo, the recreation of Black Sabbath's debut album by Zakk Sabbath - Magnetic Eye Records / Youtube

Zakk Wylde is planning to pay tribute to Black Sabbath’s debut album, which is set to commemorate its 50th anniversary, by recreating a full recreation of the catalog this fall with his group, Zakk Sabbath.

Set to be released on September 4, Vertigo will have the Sabbath tribute band aim to reproduce the album – touted to be the first-ever heavy metal record – down to a tee. Sabbath’s original album was recorded in a single day in October 1969, as well as being released on Friday the 13th in 1970.

Zakk Sabbath had been gigging as a tribute band to heavy metal’s forefathers since 2014 when the idea to go the studio route came about. “We recorded a live EP and were wondering what we could do next as a cover band, so the 50th album anniversary came just at the right time. Compared to ‘Paranoid’, which is almost like a best-of record, the bulk of the material on ‘Black Sabbath’ is deep-cut, really experimental stuff that was never thoroughly explored, so that was a challenge, not to forget that we wanted to meet our own high standards,” explains bassist Blasko.

Wylde says their “aim is to faithfully re-record the album in the spirit of the original recordings: live in a fully analog studio, direct to two-inch tape, in a single 24-hour period.”