You’ll Definitely Miss The Beatles’ Chemistry With This Vintage 1966 Interview Footage

You’ll Definitely Miss The Beatles’ Chemistry With This Vintage 1966 Interview Footage | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via HDBeatles / Youtube

After their seminal album, Sgt. Peppers, The Beatles were pretty much tired from recording with each other; at least that’s what’s written in the papers. Take a look at the Fab Four’s separate interviews back in 1966 outside EMI’s Abbey Road Studios below.

The video below shows The Beatles separately arriving at the studio to record what would eventually be known as their White album. John Lennon was first to arrive in the place, and was interviewed by an ITN-TV reporter. Asked if there’s any chance that The Beatles will part their own ways in 1967, Lennon answered that there maybe a chance, but they will always get back together.

“I could see us working not together for a period,” Lennon said. “But we’d always get together for one reason or another. I mean, you need other people for ideas as well, you know. And we all get along fine.”

Lennon was also asked about his then-latest film, “How I Won the War” of which he only did out of Dick Lester’s wishes. But for him, the team will always want to “carry on music writing forever.”

Next to arrive is Lennon’s songwriting partner, Paul McCartney. Asked if he’d be worried if the band will never tour again, he said no. “Performance for us– It’s gone downhill, performance,” McCartney said. ‘Cause we can’t develop when no one can hear us, you know what I mean? So,for us to perform– it’s difficult.”

Next to arrive is George Harrison, who only stopped for a minute. He was asked if by the next year (1967), the Beatles will go on their individual ways, to which he said no. the interviewer wanted to question him more, yet Harrison said “There aren’t any more words” from a distance.

Last is Ringo Starr, the band’s drummer. Asked if the band will do less together by the next year, Ringo responded yes. Although he reassures everyone that it wouldn’t be a break-up, and that the Fab Four will “still be coming back together at the end of it.”

Take a look at the video below.