Watch The Beatles Interview Right After Their India Trip

Watch The Beatles Interview Right After Their India Trip | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via HDBeatles / Youtube

The year 1966 was a cruel moment for The Beatles. Around the same year, John Lennon’s comment about Jesus sparked uproars, especially with religious groups, their frightening experience in Manila made them swear to never go back there, and August, marked the last live concert performance of the Fab Four as they got tired performing in front of thousands of screaming fans that they wanted to create songs in peace.

After their historic albeit horrific encounter in the Philippines, the Beatles quickly decided to take a trip to India since George Harrison wanted to buy a sitar of top quality. They washed away their trauma with their visit to Japan, during which they were greeted by at least 500 fans at the airport. In contrast to their experiences in the former country, India left a great mark on The Beatles, and the band will eventually decide to go back for their transcendental meditation with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

In London, the Beatles arrived at the Heathrow airport and were greeted by dozens of British tabloids. The band granted an interview wherein they talked, once again, about their horrible time in Manila. John Lennon recalled being “kicked and pushed around” by a handful of “monkeys,” referring to Filipinos who took orders from the Marcos family to treat them as “ordinary passengers.” They were frightened of the surrounding people who have guns escorting them. Concerning their luggage, The Beatles had a hard time taking them as they only had their hand luggage, and couldn’t take more as the escalator that was supposed to help them had been turned off. However, apart from Manila, they liked their trip once and for all, and even complimented their experience in the previous country they went to: Japan.

You can watch the interview below.