Woodstock 50 Will Now Be A Free Event

Woodstock 50 Will Now Be A Free Event | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Instagram feed of the official Woodstock 50 - @woodstock / Instagram

Woodstock 50 has to be up the ranks of “Festivals-that-went-wrong-before-even-starting”. From a string of sponsorship backouts, hazy artist lineups, and venue switches, the public has lost hope in believing the commemorative festival would push through. But it seems that all hope isn’t lost, at least for the producers.

Weeks before the Woodstock 50th Anniversary festival would take place, rumors have floated around that Woodstock will make it a free event, saving what is left of the festival’s promises.

Earlier this year, a main sponsor pulled out of the commitment, which then commenced a streak of bad luck. Denied venue permits and artists backing out of their lineup, the organizers were still keen on keeping their word of the festival’s persistence.

TMZ seemed to have gathered news, saying “our sources say organizers are still hopeful they’ll be able to put on a three-day festival with music throughout … and final plans are still very much in motion. In fact, we’re told all artists who are still booked and scheduled to perform have been paid in full.”

Whatever the outcome may be, we’re still hoping for a good musical event, if it ever pushes through.