Why We Love George Harrison

Why We Love George Harrison | I Love Classic Rock Videos

George Harrison at the Dick Cavett show, 1971 - GeorgeHarrisonTV / Youtube

The laid back, quiet guitarist of the Beatles deserve so much more appreciation and recognition from fans. In fact, George Harrison was more than his time with the biggest band of history. But what made him special?

For the uninitiated, George Harrison wasn’t exactly the most noticeable Beatle, even if he worked in the frontlines. Seemingly aloof at times, one would not imagine Harrison to be this sensible fellow with a lot of grounded realizations, and so much more to offer. Musically, Harrison was not the flashiest rock n’ roll artist. When compared with his dear friend Eric Clapton, the gap in style shows incredibly. But this doesn’t discredit Harrison’s musical knowledge in any way, however. Harrison made up for the lack of flair with his authenticity. It showed in his music, he loved to lodge in some weird but delightful notes in his solos, sometimes to a mystical level. George was a mystic, to be fair.

Harrison loved the natural order, which he appreciated more with his exposure to Hindu mysticism. He never faked his enthusiasm, only producing music when his gut told him to. And when he did, boy did it hit hard. Harrison’s solo work showed just how much suppression he had to bear being in a band as big as the Beatles. If they were commercialized, Harrison was organic.

George Harrison was a true lover of music, working on it until his death. He often shied away from the spotlight, causing him to be one of the most underrated musicians in rock music. While he is no longer able to make music, Harrison was a firm believer that the spirit always stays with the ones it loves, and he lives on with the music he imparted to mankind.