Why George Harrison Disliked Neil Young’s Music

Why George Harrison Disliked Neil Young’s Music | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Crackerbox Palace -George Harrison / YouTube

For famous rock stars, compliments about your work are what keeps you going. But like any other human beings, they are prone to subjective comments that are not likely pleasant to hear.

In a clip from a 1992 recording session of George Harrison’s “This Guitar (Can’t Keep from Crying), Dave Stewart decided to cover the demo song and ask the former some questions regarding the record. As the story progressed, Dave Stewart could not help but ask George’s thoughts about Neil Young. Viewed as the “quietest” among the Beatles, it was a shock to find out that he was not really a fan of Young’s music. He generally found his dislike for him when they performed the “30th Anniversary Concert Celebration” with Bob Dylan and friends at the Madison Square Garden. 

In the interview, he mentioned that although he thought of Young as a nice person, he never really liked his music. And that he’s the “one person—I thought, he sings worse than me.” And when they did perform at the concert, he was surprised to notice that Neil Young was stealing the limelight from the other legends present on the stage with him, as he and Eric Clapton exchanged glances with each other.

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