Drum Solo Showdown: Neil Peart vs. John Bonham

Drum Solo Showdown: Neil Peart vs. John Bonham | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Neil Peart’s Drum Solo -WindRunner50 /YouTube/ John Bonham Moby Dick Solo -Led Zeppelin /YouTube

Finding out the best among the rest is not an easy task for fans of the rock and roll industry. But like any other legends in this world, we cannot help but compare one from one. Ideas are being showcased on debates on who is considered the best drummer in the history of rock, and the names of Neil Peart and John Bonham have stirred around.

Rush’s lead drummer Neil Peart is an incredible man of technical skills. Known for his complicated set of drums while performing, Peart often shows different techniques, and would frequently play the drums in a more imaginative manner that he does not settle for the smallest effect., he was frequently brought up to discussions against Bonham, with the latter being dubbed as the “greatest”.

 Some of his great drummer performances are: “Tom Sawyer”, “YZZ”, and “The Temples of Syrinx.” Among other performances, Peart’s drumming skills are highlighted here, manifesting his talent.

On the other hand, John Bonham is the twinkle of all the stars. Though Peart was more of a complex guy, the lead drummer of Led Zeppelin delivers the simple drums yet astonishingly great performances guaranteed to make the members feel the spotlight on the show. He was known for his prodigious improvisational skills and a dependable man who makes a solid foundation for the song. Though he was deemed as the greatest drummer, a lot of fans are now reclaiming Peart’s greatness since Bonham died at a very early age of 32, citing that the former has now paid his dues for almost four decades of his career span.

Three of the most notable performances of Bonham’s journey are: “Good Times, Bad Times”, “The Ocean”, and of course, “Moby Dick.” No one could ever top his performances the way he did back in the day.

But as far as these discussions go, it all goes down to the fact that no one will ever forget these two. Their remarkable journey as drummers brought everything that we desired for in a classic rock scene. After all, we cannot just compare apples to oranges, right?