What?! People Think Ozzy Osbourne Was Dicovered By Post Malone

What?! People Think Ozzy Osbourne Was Dicovered By Post Malone | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Ozzy Osbourne and Post Malone - First We Feast / BBC News / Youtube

Rap/rock artist Post Malone has just released his new album, Hollywood’s Bleeding, and it has sparked quite the controversy online, involving the Prince of Darkness himself, Ozzy Osbourne.

While we rock-heads know a fair bit of its history, Gen-Z (those born in 2000 to the present) is another story. In one of Post Malone’s new songs, “Take What You Want”, Ozzy was featured alongside Travis Scott. Now here is where it gets ridiculous. Ozzy himself has made quite the following during his tenure in Black Sabbath, and then his solo career, and then in reality TV, with the The Osbournes. Surely somebody must’ve known the legendary rocker during his different timelines domination.

Well, you’re wrong. The Gen-Z crowd don’t know a spec of The Prince of Darkness’ resume, assuming he’s some nobody given a shot at music by Post Malone. HEADLINE: Post Malone helps Ozzy Osbourne make a name in music. While some were clearly joking, a good portion of the crowd were legit clueless. See their tweets below.


Avid Ozz-fans came to the rescue however, rebutting with their own arsenal of memes and arguments.

The song’s tight, though. Listen to it by clicking the video below.