We Look Back At 5 Of The Most Nostalgic Rock Songs Of 1973

We Look Back At 5 Of The Most Nostalgic Rock Songs Of 1973 | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown – Jim Croce / YouTube

Nothing beats nostalgia’s power in taking your soul to another time being—- and songs are the experts for that. Rock songs that are immeasurably great and their power to put the taste of life in the 70s are what makes them so nostalgic if we come across them today.

“Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fighting)” – Elton John

This song from John’s album Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. The lyrics were written by the singer’s longtime collaborator, Bernie Taupin that was inspired by his memories as a young boy inside a British dance club, seeing a lot of Saturday night fights.

“Angie” – The Rolling Stones

One of the rare acoustic songs from the group, in ballad form. “Angie” was the first lead single from their album Goat’s Head Soup. There were some heavy speculations as to what inspired Keith Richards & Mick Jagger to write this song, especially the one about Angela Bowie.

“Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown” ­– Jim Croce

This no. 1 hit was Croce’s first single from his album Life and Times. The titular character Leroy Brown was inspired by an officer whom he met while he was still in the military.

“Piano Man” – Billy Joel

The song was a part of Joel’s album who was also named Piano Man. The lyrics’ inspiration for this was about Joel’s life while he was still playing from a piano bar in Los Angeles.

“Dream On” – Aerosmith

The single was the breakthrough of the band to success. This came from their debut self-titled album that was heavily inspired about dreaming “until your dreams come true,” as Tyler explained.