Reliving George Harrison’s Genius In His ‘Wonderwall Music’ Album

Reliving George Harrison’s Genius In His ‘Wonderwall Music’ Album | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Microbes – George Harrison / YouTube

The first-ever Beatle to release a solo album, George Harrison’s Wonderwall Music is the epitome of all the good things in western music, infused with all the good things from the eastern ones.

Harrison was adept to learn everything about the culture in India. After all, he was the one who urged the group to embrace the eastern philosophy by their personal lives that went on to enhance their musical abilities. Indian music— there’s something about it that made the shy Beatle so keen upon discovering. So, when Joe Massot, who previously met the Beatles onset for Help! (1965) saw George’s flair in creating an album perfect for his upcoming film, he did not hesitate on reaching out to him.

Wonderwall Music caught the idea of what we see as a fun, eccentric album. It’s not much of a thing before when musicians test their creativity by experimenting with unusual sounds to the ones we often listen to, and that’s what George brought into this world. His love for Indian music was the excuse to create this, and given full control in his artistry, he did not hesitate to produce psychedelic rock full of eastern influence; something that he did not have the privilege for when he was still working with the band. This might have been one of the good reasons why Harrison was adamant to give his attention to the later parts of the Beatles’ work, because with his power on creating this superbly great album, why would one bother to be caged still?

Overall, this album upheld Harrison’s greatness in producing music. While some would disagree that this was the singer’s greatest album of all time, at least we could all come to an agreement that this was indeed the album that opened us to the new world full of wonders from the Indian culture, something that George embraced to its full potential.