Watch Willie Nelson Back In 1965 Performing ‘One Day At A Time’

Watch Willie Nelson Back In 1965 Performing ‘One Day At A Time’ | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via When The Cowboy Sings / Youtube

Country star Willie Nelson is best known for his string of hits in the 70s, where he became a legend in the business. But before he achieved the sweet taste of fame and fortune, he was a struggling singer in the 60s with mid-chart hits that barely made his name well-known.

Back in 1965, Country Willie: His Own Songs was released as the 3rd album from Willie Nelson. His talents to push further were limited by Chet Atkins, who told him to stick only with country-styled music. He made sure to follow Atkins’ wishes, and gave a full-force of a country album that did not really gave a strong impression to everyone at that time. Yet, the quality of the songs from the LP was far more underrated, and bore resemblance to the future hits that Nelson would go on to release in the 70s. One, in particular, is this mellow, country-tuned “One Day At A Time.”

Nelson introduces the song with a personal touch of nature, but everyone could also pin their own experiences to it. The lyrics shows a carefree person who lives life in its present time, with no regards to the past nor any hopeful desires to the future.

“I live one day at a time

I dream one dream at a time

Yesterday’s dead and tomorrow is blind

And I live one day at a time.”

Check out Willie Nelson’s performance of “One Day At A Time” here.