Realize How Timeless ‘Sunny Afternoon’ By The Kinks Is – Watch

Realize How Timeless ‘Sunny Afternoon’ By The Kinks Is – Watch | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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The 60s was the moment where British Pop thrived in all glory— all the girls and boys at this point have a thirst for their charming smiles, well-matched outfits, and their remarkable songs that will remain timeless in the long decades to come.

And while it’s easy to associate brit-pop to the Rolling Stones and The Beatles, one group remained behind the radar yet still provided the high-class quality of 60s songs made to perfection. These fellas were the London-based rock group called the Kinks.

Albeit not as famous as the two pioneering rock groups mentioned, they were well-liked for their musical sensibilities and talents. Molded from the driving force of the Davies brothers, Ray and Dave, with Pete Quaife and Mick Avory to complete the full quartet set. Their style reflects the English culture and lifestyle since their chief writer Ray Davies has a knack for observational skills.

Among one of their classics is their 1966 single “Sunny Afternoon” from Face to Face, rock’s first concept album, arguably. During this time, Ray had suffered from illness and was too tired to work on something. Yet, he had an awakening when he worked on the song’s opening riff, as he imagined the lyrics as a dusty, fallen aristocrat whose riches were taken and was only left with the light ambiance of a sunny afternoon.

The song went extremely well on the UK charts, placing at no. 1. It was praised for his musical hall melody and powerful lyrics that subtly mention all the levels of progressive tax from the British government, a technique that the Kinks would later use as their weapon to all their future endeavors.