Watch Whitesnake Perform ‘Don’t Break My Heart Again’ On German TV

Watch Whitesnake Perform ‘Don’t Break My Heart Again’ On German TV | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Rock Archive / Youtube

Whitesnake was supposed to exist as vocalist David Coverdale’s backing band after he left his former group Deep Purple, to pursue a solo career. While his first album didn’t launch successfully, he had hopes to continue the new “Whitesnake” band, and began to write more authentic tracks that couldn’t be associated as a “Deep Purple” riff-off.

The dues have been paid off and Whitesnake found success in their follow-up albums. For their fourth album Come N’ Get It, it climbed on the top 2 spot on the UK Charts. With that, the band established themselves as bona fide rock stars who could be associated to love and sex afficionados.

But one track in particular though, their top 20 single “Don’t Break My Heart Again” came on a more personal note from Coverdale. Inspired from the dissolution of his marriage from his first wife, Julia Borkowski, Coverdale expressed hurt on the song’s lyrics as it reflected the pain he felt from the breakdown of his tumultuous relationship. Bernie Marsden’s riveting guitar solo was taken on the first take, and after numerous attempts to make it better, decided that the first one was indeed the greatest one.

Below, we’ll take you to Whitesnake’s MV for their hit single “Don’t Break My Heart Again” recorded at the ZDF studios for the German TV Show “Rock Pop” back on July 4, 1981. Enjoy!