Listen To Ian Paice’s Isolated Drum Track For ‘Smoke On Water’

Listen To Ian Paice’s Isolated Drum Track For ‘Smoke On Water’ | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Ian Paice - kiboko /YouTube

Perhaps one of rock’s most recognizable jams, Deep Purple’s “Smoke On The Water” is an interesting song to remember, due to its beloved riff and the story behind it.

The events which inspired the formation of this massively famous song came from a prevailing story that the band members have experienced themselves. The group all came to Montreux, Switzerland intending to record at the Montreux Casino for their upcoming Machine Head album. Coincidentally, Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention were also there, performing the final concert for the night, before the casino temporarily shuts down for its winter renovations. There, the story continues when a crazed fan shot a flare gun toward the rattan-covered ceiling, burning the place as well as Frank Zappa’s band instruments down. Deep Purple was at their hotel when the incident happened, yet they were pretty much updated on what’s happening when they saw the reflection of the huge fire from Lake Geneva.

The dark event led to the birthing of Deep Purple’s most famous song. “Smoke On The Water” might have the most detailed lyrics ever written by Ian Gillan for the said incident. And by that, we also have Richie Blackmore’s most famous riff which was an interpretation of inversion of “Symphony No. 5” by Ludwig van Beethoven. Roger Glover was the one who coined the iconic title, as well as its bass structure, and almost everyone contributed largely to the formation of the said track.

However, though, one undervalued contribution came from the group’s drummer, Ian Paice. Paice at this point wasn’t giving the flashiest beat there is, which was a remarkable move for him, since the last thing he’ll ever want to do is to overpower Blackmore’s efforts. He was keen on marching to his own line only, giving the others the backbone to enhance all their musical capabilities. That alone is perfection.

Still worthy of its appreciation, we present to you, Ian Paice’s isolated drum track for “Smoke On the Water.”