Bob Dylan Duets With Van Morrison For ‘It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue’

Bob Dylan Duets With Van Morrison For ‘It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue’ | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via neverending Bobfan / Youtube

Possibly one of the few artists worthy to see Bob Dylan eye to eye is Van Morrison, a fellow titan in the music industry. A friendly part of Dylan’s life, Morrison was a huge fan of the singer, and after seeing the light of commerciality, Dylan also became a fan of him.

The two have known each other for many years, and as their individual careers are nurtured further, they have managed to cover each other’s songs. But, a miracle finally came when the duo performed at the controversial Slane Castle concert of Dylan.

While the concert was indeed unforgettable, it made its own headlines for all the wrong angles. Two people were reportedly drowned and a lot of people were injured at the said concert. The rampage was catastrophic.

However, a shining minute was never neglected during this point. Dylan invited Morrison on-stage, and together, they performed “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue,” written by Bob Dylan and is included in his 1965 album, Bringing It All Back Home.

It was indeed a breath-taking moment to hear these two singers pouring their hearts out in the name of art. Although they were never in sync for the performance, one can never expect that from these two big personalities.