5 Essential Tracks From Bad Company

5 Essential Tracks From Bad Company | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Bad Company live in 2016 - Prog Masters II / Youtube

For Bad Company, there’s more than what meets the eye. They are among the most successful groups in the reign of 70s rock music, spawning three hit albums that could easily be deemed as classics. The original line-up was heavily dominated by Paul Rodgers, who brought the group to upward success. And below, we’ll take you to a moment in time and discuss Bad Company’s five essential tracks to define its legacy. Enjoy!


“Bad Company” – Bad Company (1974)

This monumental song perfectly summarizes the power of Bad Company when it comes to making music. Paul Rodgers’ vocals could never be surpassed here, and the enigmatic instrumental that the song contains is irresistible. If anyone has doubts about the group’s musicianship, then they probably haven’t heard this gem.

“Can’t Get Enough” – Bad Company (1974)

No wonder why this single is among Bad Company’s biggest hits: once listened, you just can’t get enough out of it! The classic opening guitar riff is among the most recognizable ones in music, giving people the right hook for a great song.

“Run With The Pack” – Run With The Pack (1975)

The opening piano rhythm is convincing to anyone’s ears that this will shape into a pretty good rock song. The song’s arrangement is superb, and could pass for a rock anthem that anyone could catch on.

“Shooting Star” – Straight Shooter (1975)

This epic story about the rise and the fall of a rock star, “Shooting Star” by Bad Company was said to be a cut from the stories of Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, and Janis Joplin. It’s a tragedy from the likes of booze and pills, taking the life to the impending doom.

“Feel Like Makin’ Love” – Straight Shooter (1975)

Another gem that can be found inside their Straight Shooter LP, “Feel Like Making Love” has the vibe for a blues and soul, combined with Rogers’ passionate voice. This is also among Mick Ralph’s guitar highlights.