Relive David Bowie’s ‘Fame’ Performance In The Cher Show 1975

Relive David Bowie’s ‘Fame’ Performance In The Cher Show 1975 | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Nacho Video / Youtube

Back in 1975, David Bowie appeared on television on what it seemed to be embedded in the annals of rock history. Bowie visited The Cher’s Show, and as expected, the duo made headlines when they performed a medley of songs of their own choosing.

While it’s nice to gush over that wondrous crossover from these two titans of music, one highlight in particular during Bowie’s visit was his lovely take on his hit song, “Fame” to promote his album, Young Americans. Knowing who’s the target audience from the title itself, the song became Bowie’s first no.1 hit in the US charts and subsequently made him famous in the country.

The performance was enthralling and magnificent, with Bowie’s vocals on-point for this moment. There’s no doubt that this song would have its own share of fame since John Lennon wrote this together with Bowie and Carlos Alomar as it talked about their unsatisfied take on the world of “stardom.” The hypnotic effects that surrounded the singer as he performs summarize how fame could manipulate your brain into something magical, yet chaotic. But hey, at least Bowie made a good song out of this bedlam.

Take a look at his performance here.