Watch The Original Video Of Eagles’ “I Can’t Tell You Why”

Watch The Original Video Of Eagles’ “I Can’t Tell You Why” | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Laura Paulino / Youtube

It’s the Eagles innate talent for writing hit songs that makes them incredibly popular even today. In addition to that, despite having Glenn Frey and Don Henley as primary songwriters for the group, several members have also taken the job of penning several Eagle gems. One example of this one is the iconic Eagle song, “Hotel California,” written by guitarist Don Felder.

Looking back at the band’s extensive repertoire of songs, we can see some that their well-beloved tracks weren’t written by Henley and Frey only. One track that comes to our mind would be “I Can’t Tell You Why,” with the lyrics and arrangement primarily composed by the then-newly-recruited guitarist, Timothy B. Schmit.

Schmit penned the track, which he said is “loosely based on my own experiences.” The R&B feel of the song is credited to Frey, who was a huge fan of the genre. The song also served as Schmit’s debut song as a part of the group; it became a hit, placing no. 8 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

The video presented below shows the original video of the group for “I Can’t Tell You Why.” The musicians are shown below performing the song, more importantly, Schmit who sang the whole song himself. You can watch it here.