Watch The 1979 Iconic Eagles Video Of “In The City”

Watch The 1979 Iconic Eagles Video Of “In The City” | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Harrison Bonds / Youtube

“In the City” is a Joe Walsh-penned song that was beloved instantly by his band, Eagles. Walsh first recorded it and published it on the soundtrack for the 1979 film The Warriors; the Eagles then covered it and put it on their album The Long Run, also released in 1979.

Joe Walsh may be best known as one of the notorious bad boys in rock, seemingly defining the stereotypical views of rock artists as hard-partying, drug-using musicians. But behind that shallow façade, is an artist who can pen a hit anytime he can.

Footage showing the band performing “In the City” can be seen below. The video, which wasn’t formally released from the band’s official YouTube account, had the Eagles in one of their studio sessions during the making of their The Long Run album.

The video shows Don Felder playing a Fender Stratocaster, Timothy B. Schmit playing a Fender bass, Don Henley using an 8-piece Ludwig drum kit with Paiste cymbals, Glenn Frey playing piano, and Joe Vitale playing congas. Joe Walsh then plays a Gibson double-neck guitar, using the 12-string neck for the rhythm parts and the 6-string neck for the slide guitar parts. You can watch it here.