Watch The Doobie Brothers’ 1990 Hawaii Show In Its Entirety

Watch The Doobie Brothers’ 1990 Hawaii Show In Its Entirety | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Watch the January 1990 concert of the Doobie Brothers in Hawaii as they performed fantastically like no other. The full video footage of the show can be viewed below.

Inside the concert was a Doobie Brothers reunion that anyone didn’t expect, but still highly anticipated. It featured the classic lineup from their album, Toulouse Street in 1972 which was never to be revived again plus a handful of other musicians. The unforgettable event was held at Waikiki Shell in Honolulu, Hawaii in front of thousands of concertgoers who wanted to see the band in their full glory.

You know it’s a great concert when you have 9 musicians present, all ready to back up for a great symphonic arrangement. The lineup includes Tom Johnston (Guitars & Vocals), Pat Simmons (Guitars & Vocals), Tiran Porter (Bass & Vocals) John Hartman (Drums & Vocals), Michael Hossack (Drums & Percussion), Cornelius Bumpus (Keyboards, Horns, Vocals), Dale Ockerman (Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals), Jimi Fox (Percussion & Backing Vocals), and Richard Bryant (Vocals & Percussion). And since they are The Doobie Brothers, all of them can sing a note, a specialty that they became well-known for.

The footage resulted in a TV special named The Doobie Brothers Live in Concert, which showcased the talents of the group as a whole, their chemistry on stage, and the level of greatness they could give. Check out the band’s setlist for the concert below.

  • “Rockin’ Down the Highway”
  • “Jesus is Just Alright”
  • “Road Angel”
  • “Dark Eyed Cajun Woman”
  • “One Chain Don’t Make No Prison”
  • “Dependin’ on You”
  • “Time is Here and Gone”
  • “Take Me to the Highway”
  • “Echoes of Love”
  • “One Step Closer”
  • “Neal’s Fandango”
  • “South of the Border”
  • “South City Midnight Lady”
  • “Black Water”
  • “The Doctor”
  • “Need a Little Taste of Love”
  • “Take Me in Your Arms”
  • “Long Train Runnin’”
  • “China Grove”
  • “Listen to the Music”