Watch Stevie Nicks Performs ‘Gold Dust Woman’ with Bob Welch

Watch Stevie Nicks Performs ‘Gold Dust Woman’ with Bob Welch | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Rick Dunn / Youtube

Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks typically allures the many with her lovely presence and her vocals that truly captivate everybody. With this wonderful rendition of Nicks’ “Gold Dust Woman,” performed from Bob Welch’s concert, everything seems to be so right about it.

Stevie joined Welch on-stage to perform this fascinating track from Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours back in 1977. “Gold Dust Woman” was something that Nicks is quite hesitant to perform since the song contains varying vocal ranges throughout. It also talks a bit about her life as a drug user, who is also going through a bad relationship, and just trying to make a day-to-day life out of everything— something that is seen as an inspiration to this whole song.

Nevertheless, all is forgotten when you’d watch how amazing Nicks is as a performer. Clearly at her best, Nicks didn’t hesitate to belt in the wondrous harmonies, all paired with the amazing orchestration of the whole song. Welch is seen providing the lustrous riffs from his guitar, a truly enchanting moment. It’s indeed the whole package, and one of Nicks’ best performances ever. (Zolpidem)

Oh, and a rare occasion was noticed when the singer wore a mini skirt, something that’s quite anew from her usual flowy ones.

Check it out here.