Watch Eric Clapton and Ronnie Wood Pay Tribute To Ginger Baker

Watch Eric Clapton and Ronnie Wood Pay Tribute To Ginger Baker | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Dror Nahum / Youtube

When the legendary drummer Ginger Baker died due to several health issues, the whole world mourned for the loss of another beloved drummer. Baker, who co-founded Cream— the first-ever supergroup, redefined rock itself with his masterful beat of the drums, a thing that wasn’t even a priority ‘til he came in the music scene.

To give praise for his generous contributions to rock music, Eric Clapton created an all-star tribute concert named Eric Clapton and Friends: A Tribute to Ginger Baker to pay respects and celebrate the impact Baker had on music. The event took place at the Eventim Apollo Hammersmith back on February 17, 2020. The line-up for the concert was filled with special guests with the likes of Roger Waters, Kenny Jones, Steve Winwood, Nile Rodgers, Henry Spinetti, Will Johns, Baker’s son Kofi Baker, and Ronnie Wood.

A 15-song set was done, and each of the guests was given the perfect time to show their admiration to Baker. One, in particular, is this garish performance of both Clapton and Wood of Cream’s “Badge,” from their album, Goodbye. The nostalgia it gives with the sweet licks of the guitars is something that is both exciting and emotional to watch.

The 15-song set was filled with poignant commemoration to the late drummer, whose skills helped inspire a generation of future legendary drummers to come.

You can watch the video here.