Watch Tom Petty And Axl Rose Close MTV Music Awards With Incredible Duet

Watch Tom Petty And Axl Rose Close MTV Music Awards With Incredible Duet | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Mike McFarland / Youtube

The 1989’s MTV Music Awards were full of surprises when the show revealed some of the greatest moments in the history of music. While it’s inevitable to see MTV now as a feel-good show, but back in the days, this ceremony was everything you’d been looking for if you want unexpected fights, great music, and surprising events, all in one setting.

One particular moment of surprise happened when Tom Petty with his band, the Heartbreakers performed his hit song, “Free Fallin’,” right at the closing ceremony for MTV. Petty, who rose like a legend during this time, had his Full Moon Fever album to thank for his successful emergence as a debut artist. But while this seems like a normal event for many, all of a sudden, Axl Rose joined him on-stage for a momentous showdown of voices, a thing that was both mind-blowing and jaw-dropping. Rose had Guns N’ Roses’s Appetite For Destruction to thank for all his fame as well.

Imagine the look on everyone’s faces, since not everyone expected the two to perform on-stage. Each of them had their own style of music, yet it’s amazing how these two worked perfectly well together, one of the many talents from these amazing artists.

As the night went on, they altogether perform the finale song, “Heartbreak Hotel” as the credits rolled over. The rocking cover of Elvis Presley’s iconic track was both mesmerizing and fun to watch. Such an iconic piece to MTV’s history.