Watch Steven Tyler’s Immortal Vocal Chops With ‘Amazing’ Acoustic Live

Watch Steven Tyler’s Immortal Vocal Chops With ‘Amazing’ Acoustic Live | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Recovery Unplugged / Youtube

It’s truly amazing how soaring high Steven Tyler’s vocals are, even after all these years. In this one 2014 clip of his raw performance at the Recovery Unplugged sessions, Tyler gave a breathtaking show for everyone to see.

Steven Tyler, the frontman on the American rock group Aerosmith, is known for his charisma and voice that is mind boggling. While he’s not busy touring or making music, he likes to give something beneficial to the others, either making donations, or performing songs for a person’s recovery. He has done a lot of inspiring performances, yet his unplugged performance at the Recovery Unplugged Drug Treatment Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida proves to be one of his best.

Tyler is not a stranger when it comes to battling drugs and addiction. He has been openly vocal to his detriments from his personal demons, and has check in to rehabilitations to free himself from them. His recovery from them has proved to be inspiring, and now, it’s time for him to give something back to the community that helped him so much.

The patients inside the treatment center use music therapy as a part of their healing process. What Tyler did is beyond what’s asked; he gave an emotional rendition to Aerosmith’s “Amazing,” one of the band’s most beloved power ballads. Tyler’s voice chops are mesmerizing, something you’d expect from this magnificent singer.

You can check the rest of the performance below.