Watch Rumours of Fleetwood Mac Cover ‘Sara’

Watch Rumours of Fleetwood Mac Cover ‘Sara’ | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Rumours Of Fleetwood Mac / Youtube

It’s one thing that you’re a fan of the legendary Fleetwood Mac, but it’s a whole different thing if you start a band dedicated only to paying tribute to them. That’s what Rumours of Fleetwood Mac do, and they’re here to blow your minds with some fantastic covers worthy to be listened to.

According to their site, RoFM is “A group of musicians who hold Fleetwood Mac very close to their hearts and who endeavour to perform their music as authentically as possible.” They fashioned their names from the band’s best-selling and perhaps the most popular album of theirs, the 1977 album Rumours.

The band, which have been active in performance since 1999, is said to have been recognized around the world as the “Ultimate Fleetwood Mac Concert Experience” – second to the real Fleetwood Mac, of course. The guys must’ve been great with their job of delivering FM covers because even drummer Mick Fleetwood, publicly announced his support for the group.

And why wouldn’t he? With RoFM’s cover of “Sara,” you could bet that they’re meant for this part. Recorded live at The Sage, Gateshead, England, in May 2018, the performance is hypnotic as it could get. Jess Harwood, the main vocalist of the song, truly epitomized Stevie Nicks’ aura – costume and vocal-wise. It’s hard not to fall hard for this one, even if you swore that you’re a Fleetwood Mac purist.

Watch their performance below.