Lindsey Buckingham Plays ‘The Chain’ In Acoustic

Lindsey Buckingham Plays ‘The Chain’ In Acoustic | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via ellellew / Youtube

Whether it’s acoustic or electric, Lindsey Buckingham never fails to amaze us with his talents in guitar-playing. Establishing his name as a reputable musician, he’s indeed a master of his craft – inside Fleetwood Mac and with his solo career.

His time in FM was indeed a roller-coaster ride of ups and downs. While he’s thankful enough that the band helped in launching his career to the highest level, his experiences inside were rather chaotic and complicated most especially with his bandmate and former lover, Stevie Nicks.

But inside this tumultuous relationship came flooding the waves of inspiration to write a song about it. Both Nicks and Buckingham were channeling their emotions into the songs that they wrote, and among those that truly captured that feeling was the band’s classic song, “The Chain,” released inside their seminal Rumours album.

The song relied on the use of electric guitar, so when Buckingham performed the song in 2013 on an acoustic guitar, it was a touching experience – as it amplified the realness and the raw feeling that the song became known for. Performing in a London TV show and in front of an audience, Buckingham didn’t hesitate to give it all; you could feel the chills of his performance no matter how short it was.

“The Chain” is a classic staple to any Fleetwood Mac song, yet this version perhaps is the most heartfelt of it all. You can watch it below.