Watch Robert Plant and Jimmy Page cover ‘Lullaby’ By The Cure

Watch Robert Plant and Jimmy Page cover ‘Lullaby’ By The Cure | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Robert Plant / Youtube

It’s a well-known fact that Led Zeppelin had a thing or two with song covers. Their forte lies on blues and rock tunes, yet they’ve also embarked on some surprising renditions that not one fan could expect.

When Led Zeppelin broke up in 1980 after John Bonham’s untimely death, both Jimmy Page and Robert Plant embarked on lengthy solo careers. Page and Plant had individual successes, but neither matched the heights they had achieved together; hence, they decided to reassemble as a duo as the 90s came.

In 1994, for an MTV special, guitarist Jimmy Page and vocalist Robert Plant reconnected after not having seen each other in almost a decade. Page and Plant’s live album No Quarter, which was released in November, featured new collaborations as well as reimagining of classic Led Zeppelin songs. Moreover, after being engaged in the recording sessions for No Quarter in London in August 1994, guitarist Porl Thompson, who had departed The Cure in 1994, was asked to join the tour – an opportunity he grabbed immediately.

The crowd went wild when Robert Plant and Jimmy Page tore through some Zeppelin songs with a full band. However, the group’s version of “Lullaby,” a 1989 hit by The Cure, may have been the highlight of the night. The song has been seen by many as a metaphor for mental illness and substance abuse, a topic quite unusual from the goth rock legends.

Plant’s performance perfectly captures the spirit of the song, and the riffs are played with great care by Thompson and Page. You can watch it below.